Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic treatment as it effectively brightens stained or discoloured teeth, making your smile stand out.

What is Teeth Whitening?

The natural colour of teeth generally falls somewhere between light grey and yellow shades. Over time, teeth naturally darken. This process can be sped up by consuming food and drink with deep pigmentation (coffee, curry, red wine) or using tobacco products. Generally speaking, if a substance can stain a white shirt, it can likely stain your teeth too.

Whiten Your Teeth

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment designed to brighten the colour of teeth. Changing the colour of teeth is often done using two methods:

Whiter teeth do not make your teeth healthier; whitening merely changes the appearance of your teeth to a shade you find more pleasing.

Types of Tooth Stains

Two types of stains impact teeth. Due to the nature of these types of stains, extrinsic stains respond to teeth whitening, whereas intrinsic stains do not.

Extrinsic Stains

Extrinsic stains occur on the outside of your tooth. These stains happen due to external factors like drinking coffee or wine or smoking. These stains affect the enamel layer of your teeth, making them easier to treat.

Intrinsic Stains

Intrinsic stains occur inside your tooth enamel. These stains may even occur before your teeth erupt from your gums when you are a child. The causes of these stains are antibiotic use, high fluoride exposure, genetics, thinning tooth enamel, and more.

As teeth whitening only targets the exterior surface of teeth, those with intrinsic stains need another type of treatment to change the appearance of their teeth, such as veneers.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening Treatment

Though a teeth whitening front the dentist does not impact the health of your teeth, it does have other advantages, including:

Whiten Your Teeth from the Comfort of Your Home

Choosing a dentist to assist you with teeth whitening is the best way to do it safely. Teeth whitening gels should only be applied to healthy teeth and gums, which we check before proceeding with teeth whitening treatment at our practice.

Whitening Kit

Currently, The Bay Dental offers at-home teeth whitening kits with trays made specifically for you.

We use our intraoral scanner to make an impression of your teeth. The dental laboratory technicians use this digital rendering of your teeth to create whitening trays purpose-built for you. Once your trays are ready, we prepare your whitening kit with whitening gel and instructions to help you reach your desired shade.

The dentist will show you how to use the bleaching gel properly and advise you on how much to use in the tray. Put the trays into your mouth daily as directed, and the custom-fit ensures the gel coats your teeth properly. Treatment usually takes a couple of weeks to obtain the desired shade.

The Advantages of Getting a Whitening Kit from the Dentist

Getting your whitening kit from a dentist rather than over the counter is better. There are a few reasons this statement is true:

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Teeth whitening is never permanent, as teeth naturally become discoloured over time. The effects of teeth whitening can last anywhere from a couple of months to a few years. To keep the results looking whiter longer, take care of your teeth — brush them as recommended, avoid sugary foods, avoid smoking and drinking high-staining items (like coffee, tea, and wine), and visit your dentist regularly.

It’s important to note that certain teeth will not whiten like artificial teeth (dentures, crowns, bridges, and veneers), as teeth whitening products only work on natural teeth. You can talk to your dentist about your concerns.

Are There Side Effects of Whitening?

Under a dentist’s supervision, teeth whitening has very few side effects. However, there are some symptoms to be aware of, including:

All of these symptoms are temporary and should go away after treatment. If these problems continue, please let us know; one of our dentists can help alleviate your discomfort.

Enhance Your Smile

Teeth whitening can be transformative. This treatment can be done gradually until you receive the results you want. Contact us to learn how our teeth-whitening kits can brighten your smile.