Children’s Dentistry

The right dental environment puts your child at ease and sets them up for a lifetime of healthy habits and brilliant smiles.

What is Children's Dentistry?

Some of our patients started coming to our practice before their first birthday; we’ve had the privilege of caring for their oral health since their first teeth appeared.

At The Bay Dental Practice, we provide NHS dental services to children of our registered private patients up until the age of 18. Offering NHS dentistry to children ensures they can access the care and education they need to maintain their oral health, correct any issues, and prevent damage and decay from an early age.

Our patients know that we always put their experience above all else. The patient experience, combined with our gentle and compassionate approach to dentistry, makes our practice an excellent place for children to receive the dental treatments and coaching they need.

Children Dental Health

Start Your Child's Healthy Habits Early

We recommend that children start seeing the dentist as soon as their first milk teeth appear, around six months. This age may seem early, but proper dental habits start even before teeth emerge from the gums.

Your child’s first appointment is as much for you as it is for them. Our dentist and hygienist can show you how to care for your baby’s new teeth and introduce your little one to the practice and our caring team.

Regular visits starting at a young age help your child become familiar with the practice and learn to trust the dentist — making future appointments a lot less stressful for little ones. Even if your child doesn’t have any oral health issues at this age, getting them into the routine of going to a dentist helps you be proactive in preventing tooth decay and gum disease.

Our Children's Dental Plan

At The Bay Dental Practice, we want our patients to always have access to the care they need. Though we offer NHS dentistry to children, we also provide a private dental membership scheme, this can be more suited to some patients.

Give Your Child a Reason to Smile

Start your child’s dental journey off on the right foot with dentists that care about their comfort and health – choosing an environment where they feel comfortable and safe leads to lifelong dental care. Let them grow with our dental practice, where we provide a full range of dental treatments to keep them smiling from infancy into adulthood.