Top Tips In A World With No Dentistry

All dental practices in the country have now been closed for a week and there is still no information on the location of Urgent Care Centres in Cornwall. As soon as there is we will let you know but until then please continue to contact us by Email ([email protected]) or telephone (01736 369359) where we will try to answer any questions you might have about your dental health. Until emergency dental care becomes available here are a few top tips to try to avoid dental problems during the coronavirus shutdown;

1 – It sounds obvious, but every day of a normal working week we see patients who have broken teeth on hard or sticky food. Toffees and pork scratching are the archetypal villains but the truth is that as we get older our teeth become more brittle and prone to fracture so anything which puts a lot of force on teeth can cause breakages. If you do break a tooth the good news is that generally in the short term it is not painful and even the sharp edges will wear down quite quickly. Once the world of dentistry gets back to normal we can look at repair options which will strengthen the tooth and help prevent decay from developing.

2 – Try to eat healthily. At a time when many of us are not working and spending long periods of time indoors there is a risk that we might sneak a few extra sugary snacks into our daily routine. Sugar is the main cause of tooth decay and an increase in sugar frequency, i.e sugary drinks, sucking mints etc, can quite quickly cause a tooth decay problem. Try to keep sugary food to mealtimes and make sure you use a toothpaste containing fluoride. A daily fluoride mouthrinse can also be a good idea.

3 – Remember to keep up dental cleaning routines as they are vital in controlling gum disease and tooth decay. If there is one bonus to social distancing and self-isolation then it might be that we have plenty of time to clean our teeth! If you are running short of any of the products we normally supply then let us know and we can either post them to you or arrange a home delivery.

4 – Don’t ignore the early signs of dental infection. Many dental infections are minor and self limiting but there are times when an uncontrolled dental infection can become very serious. If you have severe pain and/or swelling then please do not hesitate to contact us.